Grief from trauma...


Everyone gets to deal with the hurt of trauma, at a certain point in life.

This website is meant for people who are stuck in trauma; trauma caused by the grief of loss, or grief from a variety of other traumatic causes.

Stuck; meaning that you're no longer able to reach the personal goals or plans in life that you have set.

Stuck; perhaps up to the point where you do not even enjoy life anymore. Or..enjoy living.


Grief of loss can be widely described: It can either be caused by active traumatizing events in your life. 

Such as loss in death, loosing your job/security, abuse, violence, accidents, bullying, sudden miscarriage, divorce,etc.

But it can also be caused by passive trauma; things you did not receive in life, while you were entitled to receive it;

such as protection, love, security, recognition, missing a loved one,etc.

Sometimes even seemingly minor events can , even so, cause unexpected traumatic feelings.


Our goal is to help you overcome the effects of trauma by working on both the active memory, as well as on the subconscious memory.

The subconscious memory can furthermore cause all kinds of physical problems. The Nucleus session can therefor also reduce these physical barriers. Or even make these physical symptoms disappear;

That is, of course, if they are attached to the traumatic remembrance.


About Nucleus help; 

This website mentions a form of coaching, which is based upon the model of the Nucleus® vision (

the idea that our brain has two memory systems and that trauma causes a malfunction in their mutual communication.

A Nucleus coach helps to restore that communication, using a different approach of interviewing. Subsequently the Nucleus coach supports to reset the traumatic remembrance by using the effective technique of Positive Reversion®.

The questions that are asked with Positive Reversion®, are slightly different then most clients are used to.

It's the type of interviewing in combination with using Positive Reversion that makes Nucleus® Coaching an unique and very effective form of coaching.

Nucleus® coaching is an emphatic, simple, and friendly way of coaching.

The technique that is being used throughout the session, is barely noticed by the client.


The digital coaching will take place in your own house/room with the help of ZOOM and is spoken in English.

Accordingly, it feels comfortable, safe and private.

Thanks to the world wide web Nucleus Coaching can be done with people all over the world.


Payment of the ZOOM or Google Meet session will be done with a Pay pall request.

This request will normally be send to you after the session.

The rate of one session is 70 dollar.

The session will take about 60 minutes.


For more information call us:

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Or email us at:

We will get back to you within 24 hours and will schedule an introductory meeting.